The “I’m Bored” Teen Effect

With summer in full swing, teens have plenty of time in their hands to start
experimenting “new things”
Some staggering data for you: On an average summer day, 11,000 teens take
their first alcohol drink, use Marijuana, hallucinogens, or inhalants!
So when your teen starts complaining that “I’m bored” – time to get creative &
get them busy!
Some activities to get your young loved ones busy, engaged, & hopefully
1- Summer jobs
2- Go outside & Get moving: regular runs, hiking, organize basketball,
football,soccer games with family
3- Get Artsy: Is your teen creative? Try some beading, painting, scrapbooking,
or origami
4- Family reunion: could be virtual. Have your teen create a family tree with
names, photos, short stories, & quotes of extended family. A great way for kids to
know the family!
5- Photography: use that cool smartphone to capture moments to document
their summer. They can later create a collage to show off their growing
photography/ video skills.
6- Learn a new language: Spanish would not be a bad idea. Lots of YouTube
videos & free library resources.
6- Serve the community: For our animal lovers, volunteer opportunities can be
found @
7- Does your teen love to eat? Does your teen complain about your cooking?
Find a cookbook or website & try out new recipes. Let them get creative with new

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